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15 December 2011

just me and you !

dedicated specially to NAZRUL NAZIR.....

i dun noe y i miss you ryte now...but honestly, i really missing you laa sygs...just now i was thinking bout you then i got idea to post something for you....heee, *blushing*...thanks coz being part of my life darl, you really care every each things bout me, you willing do it anything as long you can see my smile, never want see i crying, most important you owez beside me especially when i have a problem and when i show me your love with full of sincerely...i trust you so muchh but please dun hurt me sygs ! i love you nazrul ! sometimes, you have to be more patient with my behavior, so poor ryte ?? i owez control your life just bcuz i want you be a good person...also thanks cuz you already stop your bad habit like smoking just for me, i really appreciate sygs....maybe i'm not the best for you but i trying to be the best for you...what have you done for me all this tyme since we know each other its very sweet never hurt me even once ! i remember that ! you owez be honest to me...i noe you never unfaithfull to me bcuz you love me ryte ?? then, you told me that you oready changed ! i trust it ! every second if we text you always tell me that you love me and not willing missing me...mmuaahhhhxxx....i still remember for the first tyme you said 'I LOVE YOU' to me at my ears when we going to kluang by bus, so sweet ! hehehe....then, i love to see your jelousy towards me ! i'm not perfect ! but you remind me that i owez perfect in your eyes...mmmuuaahhhxxx...siyesly, mybe i can't live without you and my family of your promises to me that you owez be my side ! so, please remember all your promises...nazrul ! i love so muchh !

hyeep u olls ! sorry yee cuz entry arini ena post just for my sygs....ena rinduu sangat dekat dye laa thats y laa nk post tokk dye...hehe...sorry kayy if ena takk story or share anythings tokk u olls...ena akan off post starting tomorrow cuz nakk blek kg, yeehaaa ! hopefully dapat jumpee you laa sygs ! heee...okeelaa, after ena come backk to home, i will post for u olls mybe bout the soleminzation and weeding my cousin ! mesty seronokk....this is my promise to all my lovely followers !

p/s : hargai laa someone yg sygskan anda, jgnlaa menunggu org yg tidak pernah sygskann kita kerana kita akan lebih dihargai pada orang yg menyanyangi kita....hidup akan lebih bahagia jika ada orang yg menghargai diri kita ! sumpah !

with purplishes lol,
ena <3

THANKS ! sudi membaca, sayang korang :)

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